"Garland" picture frame, platinum, picture size 13 x 18 cm (5'' x 7'') by L'Objet

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Product characteristics:

  • Platinum with white Swarovski crystals, leather back
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  • Platinum with white Swarovski crystals, leather back
As if in the garden of paradise, heavenly flowers bloom all over the "Garland" picture frame from L’Objet. Bedded on the finest Italian leather, these 24 carat gold-plated flowers are dotted with yellow Swarovski crystals or platinum-plated blossoms with white Swarovski crystals. Some large and sumptuous, some small and delicate, but their glittering blossoms always radiate particularly intensively against the dark, L’Objet frame.

Even on the back of the "Garland" picture frame from L’Objet you can find little blossoms, too: they serve to close the rear panel of the "Garland" picture frame. The incoming sunlight or the light cast by a table lamp will give the "Garland" picture frame an additional sparkle — but without detracting from your view of the picture in the frame because the glass is faceted.

The "Garland" picture frames from L'Objet are supplied in beautiful gift boxes and can be used for pictures in portrait or landscape format.
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