"Rose Passion" vases, h 17 cm by Daum

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  • Pâte de cristal (= "crystal glass paste"), handmade in France
    Numbered edition
If the roses on the "Rose Passion" vases from Daum were real, they would have received every possible award by now. With their densely packed flower heads, luscious petals and their magical colours, they are very eye-catching. The vases are much more of a little sculpture than a vase. The base is relatively simple with only a few individual petals. However, the detail steadily increases towards the top of the vase, and every time you look at it, you will discover something new.

It is thus not surprising that the production process of the "Rose Passion" vases by Daum is like a celebration of skilled craftsmanship: from the preparation of the plaster mould, the preliminary wax model and to the final crystal glass object, which is then cut and polished. It goes almost without saying that each "Rose Passion" vase is handcrafted at the Daum manufactory in France from its exceptional crystal glass paste (pâte de verre) and is thus quite unique. Little air bubbles captured in the glass are evidence of this special manufacturing process.
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Please find here a brochure explaining the production process of the beautiful "Rose Passion" vase by Daum:

Brochure "Rose Passion" vase (PDF 971 KB)

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