"Roses" vase, h 22,5 cm by Daum

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Product characteristics:

  • H8¾'', 80.1 oz
  • Pâte de cristal (= "crystal glass paste"), handmade in France
  • H8¾'', 80.1 oz
  • Pâte de cristal (= "crystal glass paste"), handmade in France
The inspiration for the "Roses" vase from Daum must have been a dewy summer morning in an English garden just after some young roses were cut and gathered lightly into a bouquet. Leaves and stems form the body of the vase, while a group of freshly opened roses crown the rim. Their colour is reminiscent of an Impressionist painting, with splashes of crisp green, delicate rosé and even shady violet.
Even the formal design of the "Roses" vase from Daum is emotive: sometimes very naturalistic, for example in the structure of the rose petals, sometimes only vaguely implicative. It is much more of a sculpture than "just" a vase.
Each vase is crafted by hand at the Daum manufactory in France using a unique crystal glass paste (pâte de verre) and is thus quite unique.
  • 2 in stock, otherwise the delivery time is approx. 5-6 months.
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