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  • Mouthblown, hand-cut crystal glass
The "Caorle" vases by Moser are much more than beautiful vases. They are a unique and impressive work of art, which are created in the Czech Republic in elaborate manual work. Each vase is cut and polished to a high gloss by hand by masters of their craft.

The "Caorle" vase has won the Artisanal Award for expert craftsmanship at the Tableware International Awards of Excellence 2019 in Frankfurt. Featuring sharp, jutting edges with six-angle grinding, the "Caorle" vase has a multi-dimensional optical effect and depth, which is highlighted through the vibrant colours. "My chief inspiration comes from architecture, mainly Romanesque and Byzantine, and the structures that can be transformed into cut patterns", says the designer Lukas Jaburek. Lukas Jaburek is the glass artist, outstanding cutter and Art Director of the Moser glassworks from 2008–2018.

The refined hexagonal cut splinters the basic oval shape of this robust vase into a mosaic of many different views of the same reality. The sharp edges of the honeycomb cells are divided by strips, and then they immediately rejoin into a new story. The singular harmony of flashed tones of ocean green and rose is unbelievably beautiful. Moser’s unmistakable colour palette consists of subtle, almost intangible colours that change in intensity when the objects are turned and rotated.

Any slight deviations in dimensions or colour are evidence that the "Caorle" vase by Moser is completely handmade.
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