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  • Mouthblown, hand-cut crystal glass
The shape of the "Gema" vase by Moser reminds you of cut diamonds. Unlike precious jewellery, however, this "diamond" needs no mounting and can thus be admired from every perspective. Above all, Moser’s "Gema" vase is most delightful when it plays with incidental light: refracting it through its double layers to exhibit the full iridescence that its colours can provide.

The "Gema" vases by Moser are very special, they have indeed two colours. This can be achieved by means of what is known as the 'underlaying technique' in which one layer of coloured glass is laid under a layer of a different colour. The "Gema" vases are produced in the renowned, traditional Moser crystal-glass factory in the Czech Republic where they are mouth-blown and subsequently cut and polished by hand.
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Wohnen Träume
Ausgabe 2/2020

"Solo-Künstlerin: Wenn das Licht durch diese handgeschliffene Vase fällt, sieht es fast so aus, als würde eine grüne Flamme im Inneren leuchten. Blumen braucht es angesichts so viel dekorativer Wirkung eigentlich gar nicht mehr."

4/2015 Nov/Dez

"Weihnachten! Endlich wieder Zeit zum Schenken: Wer seinen Liebsten am Weihnachtsabend eine kleine Freude machen möchte, kann sich auf den kommenden 14 Seiten exklusive Inspirationen einholen."

Sept 2013

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