"Fazzoletti Bicolore" vase, h 13,5 cm, red/apple green by Venini

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Product characteristics:

  • H5¼'', ø 5¼''
  • Murano glass, handcrafted
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  • H5¼'', ø 5¼''
  • Murano glass, handcrafted
The production of a "Fazzoletti Bicolore" vase by Venini demands a high level of skill and artistry. When the glass master has blown a ball of molten glass, he cuts it open. With a skilled swinging motion, the craftsman forms the vases into a shape that resembles a bunched handkerchief. This also explains the name: "Fazzoletto" means handkerchief in Italian. Each vase from Venini is handmade and thus quite unique. The special feature of the "Fazzoletti Bicolore" vases is their two-tone colour. The exterior surface of the vase shines in a different hue from the one seen on the inside.

The “Fazzoletti Bicolore” vases are one of the classic designs in the Venini collection. The colourful vases are exhibited in many art museums around the entire world, including for example in the Museum of Modern Art in New York. The “Fazzoletti Bicolore” vases are available in wonderful colours. Depending on the angle of the light, the Murano glass objects show ever new colour variations.
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