Le Nez du Vin

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The "Nez du Vin" wine aromas by Jean Lenoir offer you a wonderful opportunity to train your olfactory abilities and to learn about the different wine aromas.

Selected by the French oenologist Jean Lenoir, the sample bouquets in these glass vials comprise the wine aromas most commonly found in red and white wines. Each Le Nez du Vin wine aroma is described in detail in the accompanying booklet.

The following sets are available: Le Nez du Vin with 12 red wine aromas, with 12 white wine aromas, with 12 fault aromas, with 12 new oak aromas, with 12 red and 12 white wine aromas or the deluxe casket with 54 aromas.

Detailed list of the wine aromas per set here (PDF 113 KB).

Detailed list of the coffee aromas per set here (PDF 117 KB).