Champagne coolers & ice buckets

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Discover our selection of champagne coolers and ice buckets from exclusive and well-known brands like Christofle, Ercuis and Saint-Louis.

Champagne is widely held to be the ultimate festive drink. It almost goes without saying that any accessories that accompany it must also meet the highest possible standards. This most noble drink is kept cool in a Champagne cooler. So, before you have even taken a sip of Champagne, you have focused your eyes on the cooler. It is then no surprise that designers have gone to great pains to ensure that the appearance of the cooler is worthy of its noble Champagne resident.

"Faces" by Sieger by Fürstenberg is like a porcelain sculpture and "Cubic" by Arcahorn is like a treasure chest made of polished buffalo horn. Like many other champagne coolers, it has a matching ice bucket. Ice bucket and Champagne cooler — highly traditional and made with dedicated craftsmanship — are the stylish assistants which put the finishing touch to a festive occasion.