"Contemporary" soap dispenser by Samuel Heath

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Product characteristics:

  • H7½'', ø 2½'', 7.9 oz
  • Chrome-plated, completely handmade in England
  • H7½'', ø 2½'', 7.9 oz
  • Chrome-plated, completely handmade in England
You can put the soap of your choice in the "Contemporary" soap dispenser from Samuel Heath. The glossy soap dispenser is highly polished before the electro-plating process, after which three layers of hard-wearing chrome are applied. The "Contemporary" soap dispenser has a removable acrylic bottle which can be filled and a waterproof base made of black imitation leather.

Samuel Heath’s top priority is the focus on craftsmanship. This involves traditional and time-honoured manual skills. Samuel Heath’s products are manufactured exclusively in England.

Caring instructions: A regular cleaning of the pump and the bottle is recommended. Simply rinse with warm water and pump clean warm water through the pump and spout top, this will help blockages. It is particularly important if the dispenser has not been used for a length of time. Most liquid soaps on the market are suitable. Those which are less viscous give the best performance. Some soap with a very thick constituency can give a reduction in performance.
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A strength of Samuel Heath is to offer a wide selection of high quality finishes. Please note that Samuel Heath does not produce all pieces in all finishes.

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