"Contemporary" toilet brush holder by Samuel Heath

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Product characteristics:

  • H15¾'', ø 3½''
  • Chrome-plated, completely handmade in England
  • H15¾'', ø 3½''
  • Chrome-plated, completely handmade in England
The shiny chrome casing gives the "Contemporary" toilet brush holder from Samuel Heath a very elegant appearance. Its cylindrical body is closed with a lid from which a long handle protrudes. The brush itself is not visible. The chrome cover is not only aesthetic, it is very hard-wearing. Each toilet brush holder is first highly polished to ensure that there is a smooth base for the chrome. Subsequently, three layers of hard-wearing chrome are applied.

Samuel Heath stands for perfect craftsmanship in the bathroom. This exclusive English brand for bathroom accessories was founded in Birmingham in 1820. Samuel Heath assigns great importance to giving its products an appealing design and, at the same time, ensuring that they are also functional. All of the products are produced exclusively in England.
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A strength of Samuel Heath is to offer a wide selection of high quality finishes. Please note that Samuel Heath does not produce all pieces in all finishes.

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