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Alessi Officina

About the brand Officina di Alessi

The brand Officina di Alessi includes particularly innovative, high-quality Alessi products, some of which are only produced in a limited edition.

Officina di Alessi injects design icons with new life

In 2006, Officina di Alessi was founded as the sub-brand of the Italian design company Alessi – because what it is doing is not something that can be done as a sideline. The company is remodelling famous design classics, in order to bring out lavish new individual pieces. Selected products such as the designs of large Bauhaus artists are being manufactured again under the Officina di Alessi name – either as individual pieces or as a limited series. Design milestones can thus be enjoyed anew. This includes, for instance, the ashtray "Marianne Brandt" by the Bauhaus designer of the same name.

The DNA of Officina di Alessi contains the dream factory gene

Nonetheless, Officina di Alessi is naturally built on the same structures as Alessi itself: the history of the large Italian design house and current dream factory is an integral part of its composition. Managing Director and owner Alberto Alessi, who grew up in a design-ruled environment, has a strong desire to make design history that can be experienced. Together with his team of consultants - including leading Italian designer Alessandro Mendini - he carefully selects historical designs from the company archives and the "futuristic" ideas that will be used for their modern-day implementation. In this way, Officina di Alessi is a sort of midwife for great design creations.

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