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Eagle Products
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About the brand Eagle Products

Throws, blankets and cushions made from the finest lambswool, mohair and cashmere: The Eagle Products brand exclusively processes high-quality natural fibres. The innovative and fresh designs range from elegant plain colours to fashionable stripes and imaginative patterns. The label "Made in Germany" is based on the experiences of many generations, which flow into each and every product.

For over 125 years: Made in Germany

The history of Eagle Products began back in 1893 when Franz Barth founded a company that produced woollen and cotton towels. Over the years, he expanded the range to include scarves, blankets and fabrics made of high-quality natural materials. Franz Barth Wollwarenweberei became then Eagle Products.

However, despite the internationally understandable name, the company remains in the family - and in Germany, more precisely: in a village in Upper Franconia.
Today the siblings Christian Hagen and Barbara Sprinzl are the fourth generation to run the traditional Bavarian company. They see loyalty to the location as one of the cornerstones of their success: "Only with domestic production can we offer the service that our customers deserve and expect from us."

A plaid by Eagles Products goes through 20 hands

Until a plaid by Eagle Products is ready for shipping, many steps are necessary. Many of them can only be done by hand. This starts with drawing the warp threads into the weaving machine and continues through quality control of the raw material to any reworking and final folding. In addition, there are special production processes such as sewing pompons or fringe knotting. All these activities require manual labour.

Quality you can feel: Eagle Products only uses natural fibres

For over 125 years Eagle Products has been processing lambswool as well as the finest camel hair, mohair, alpaca, silk and cashmere. These natural fibers have many advantages over synthetic fibers such as polyacrylic and polyester: they are soft, fluffy, self-cleaning and crease-resistant. But the most important thing is and remains their naturalness. The appearance, the feel and the beauty of the natural fibres are inimitable.

Plaids of lambswool, mohair, alpaca and cashmere heat and insulate

Who makes himself comfortable on cold autumn and winter days with an Eagle Products plaid made of lambswool or cashmere on the sofa will appreciate another advantage: Natural fibres not only feel pleasant to the touch, they also warm particularly well and thus convey a pleasant feeling of security. Reason for this: The fibre structure of wool and other natural fibres is characterised by many tiny air cushions. This layer of air insulates very well and prevents our body heat from being lost into the environment.

And last but not least: Do the practice test

Take a few ice cubes and put half in a bowl and the other half on a blanket - preferably made of fluffy roughened lambswool or mohair. Wait until the ice in the bowl has melted and then look at the blanket: here the ice is far from having melted completely and the liquid will roll off the surface of the blanket.