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Gayle Warwick
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Gayle Warwick: Luxurious table linen

Gayle Warwick makes handmade table and bed linen using the finest material. Even as a child, the company founder Gayle Warwick was fascinated by her grandmother’s wonderful, hand-embroidered table linen. That is how she conceived the idea to create a style of table linen herself that would transcend the years and passed down to future generations.

She is very keen to ensure that the products are handcrafted and produced in an environmentally friendly way. For this reason, only the best materials are used. Table linen from Gayle Warwick consists of pure linen, manufactured in accordance with strict environmental standards. The fine linen is woven in Europe. By using the best threads and dyes, Gayle Warwick guarantees that her products retain their colour.

Gayle Warwick: Hemstitching of the finest quality

Linen table cloths from the English brand Gayle Warwick make the highest demands of quality and design. The classic designs of Gayle Warwick are kept purposely simple, so that they provide a wonderful backdrop for almost every kind of cutlery. For much of the collection, a classic embroidery technique is used, the hemstich. Traditional hemstitching demands a lot of skill and time. That is why the napkins and place mats of Gayle Warwick are real masterpieces of weaving design.

In addition to hemstitch, Gayle Warwick's collection also includes hand-embroidered table linen with floral or sea motifs. Every new design starts off with a pencil drawing. The drawings are produced in collaboration with the artist Rebecca Oliner. The drawing is then "translated" into an embroidery pattern. This involves choosing from a large range of embroidery techniques, in order to maximise the texture and depth of the individual designs.