Geoffrey Parker - Makers of the world's finest games

Geoffrey Parker
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Geoffrey Parker: Makers of the World's finest games and exquisite gifts

Since 1958, the family company has followed just one main principle: “Playing is one activity that can't be taken seriously enough”. This quote from Jacques-Yves Cousteau underlines the approach of Geoffrey Parker Senior and now his grandson, who has in the meantime taken over the management. From backgammon to Monopoly and chess, Geoffrey Parker manufactures every game you can possibly think of.

Geoffrey Parker: A manufacturing success story just outside the gates to London

It is no chance success story, however. High-quality leather, choice woods and other materials are worked by hand at the Essex production site. The leather inlay work has made a major contribution to Geoffrey Parker's fame. Such work is only possible because craftsmen at the British company are both very skilled and have a wealth of experience as well as special tools. The games of Geoffrey Parker demand hours of intricate craftsmanship.

Geoffrey Parker: Games for the king

Geoffrey Parker games also include special editions such as the backgammon tables for the world championship or travel chess for Bentley. On more than one occasion, distinguished figures, such as Prince Charles, have ordered something from Geoffrey Parker. Perhaps such orders can be dated back to the 1950s when the famous entrepreneur Alfred Dunhill ordered a chessboard from Geoffrey Parker Senior - and thus provided the basic idea for Parker's company. “Off the bench” – is how this approach is summed up on the company banners.

Anyone who has always dreamt of his own version of Monopoly can make his dream come true with Geoffrey Parker: You can not only choose the colour of the leather but also the names to be embossed on the games, for example of your residences and yachts.

You can also find the Geoffrey Parker games in children's rooms or family games' tables. These "normal" editions are in no way inferior in quality. The Geoffrey Parker company’s love of games is only matched by its desire for absolute perfection.