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About Limoges porcelain

Limoges porcelain - the famous "white gold" from France

Bright white, delicate, transparent and yet extremely robust: Limoges porcelain is one of the best and most sought-after porcelain that Europe has to offer more than just rich porcelain art. In former times royal houses ordered the "white gold" from France, today star chefs and hoteliers.

What makes Limoges porcelain so special?

  • Radiant white: Connoisseurs appreciate the unmistakable luminosity
  • The quality of Limoges porcelain begins with the ingredients: Apart from feldspar and quartz, only the purest kaolin is used. The fine, iron-free and white stone was first discovered outside the gates of Limoges in 1768. The famous manufacturers in Limoges have refined the right mixture of kaolin with quartz and feldspar over the centuries. Today it is the secret of the radiant "white gold" from Limoges.

  • Transparency: Limoges porcelain is translucent
  • Anyone holding a plate made of Limoges porcelain against the light will immediately recognise it: the special feature is the delicate transparency. The translucency gives the famous tableware an almost fragile beauty and graceful elegance, even in France.

  • High hardness: the tableware is extremely resistant
  • Despite the delicate transparency: Limoges porcelain is a hard porcelain. In contrast to soft porcelain, it consists of a higher proportion of kaolin (about 50 percent). In addition to the high firing temperature, the high proportion of kaolin is responsible for the hardness and resistance of the porcelain.

  • Craftsmanship: Each piece is unique
  • While porcelain is produced by robots in many other parts of the world, the famous manufactories in Limoges are still characterised by elaborate handicraft and the highest quality of workmanship. Plates, cups, bowls and vases are formed by hand, polished and after firing - depending on the service - freely painted by hand or refined with fine gold.

  • Protected name: Protection against counterfeiting
  • The name "Limoges Porcelain" has been protected since 2017. Only manufactories that produce in Limoges and its immediate surroundings and respect traditional production are allowed to bear the name. Of course, Artedona only carries the assortment of manufactories that produce in Limoges.

    What a French fries bag has to do with Limoges porcelain

    Professionals from the gastronomy and hotel industry love Limoges porcelain. In addition to elegance and durability, they appreciate the wide repertoire of the dinnerware lines. The variety of luxurious presentation plates, menu plates, bowls, spoons and platters enables them to find the right pieces for every dish.

    There are no limits to the ingenuity of the designers. The traditional Limoges porcelain manufacturer Bernardaud, for example, created French fries bags and sardine tin plates from white gold. Everyday crockery thus becomes coveted designer pieces.

    Artedona is a specialist for Limoges porcelain

    For many years we have been working together with all important manufacturers from Limoges: Bernardaud, Raynaud, J.L Coquet, Haviland and Alberto Pinto. We will be happy to advise you on both the series shown online and all other currently available series of these brands, which we will be happy to provide on request. In addition to this wide range of possible product lines, there is an enormous depth per product line of sometimes more than 50 articles - from milk jug to serving platter, from normal plate to caviar bowl. We will be happy to help you find the right serving dishes for your ten-course dinner as well as for a cosy tea invitation or a stylish sushi meal.