Iosis - textile artistry

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About the brand Iosis

Iosis: Paintings on fabric

Iosis is more than just a textile company — Iosis is an art studio which transposes beautiful pictures onto fabrics. At the origin of the wonderful cushions produced by Iosis is indeed always a picture: the designers at Iosis paint every motif on paper by hand, in the most iridescent colours and the finest detail. And on the basis of this design they develop an embroidery pattern. Iosis uses the elaborate embroidery technique of the Gobelin stitch because it is only in this way that the colours really radiate so many different nuances and the embroidery seems to lift off the fabric almost like a three dimensional image. Originally Gobelin stitching was used as an imitation of the tapestry weaving of the nineteenth century. The centuries-old art of Gobelin weaving incorporated into the designs by Iosis produces a unique, work of textile art together with a blaze of colour.

Since Iosis was founded in 1989, its cushions have been produced in Asnières, north-west of Paris. But Iosis’ head offices are in the centre of the fashionable sixteenth Arrondissement in Paris — and they can be spotted from a long way off thanks to the building’s radiant red wooden facade.

Iosis: Colours are the hallmark

The high-quality cushions of silk, cotton or linen are embroidered with a variety of unusual motifs and patterns: some are very urban and in smart Parisian style with zigzag patterns or spots, others are humorous with sporty images or portraits of animals, but there are also ones displaying a love for nature with summer flower or leaf motifs. Twice a year Iosis brings out a new collection which reflects seasonal themes such as winter sports in the mountains and beach holidays in the summer. The special skill that Iosis has is to use the Gobelin stitch to make the motives as colourful and lively as possible so that they convey a feeling of cheerfulness and vitality — no matter how small the cushion may be.

To ensure that it is not only the soft furnishings that benefit from these unusual motifs, Iosis has in recent years extended its collection to include accessories such as trays and cosmetic pouches.