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Haas Brothers
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"Together again": The craftsmanship of L'Objet and the art of the Haas Brothers combine to create an imaginative story about longing for affection and community. Audacious characters and exotic landscapes take you on a magical journey where design and fantasy become one.

The Haas Brothers collection transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary with everyday objects that brim with personality and joy. Enchant your everyday life with the collectibles by L'Objet and the Haas Brothers, from board games to sculptural porcelain boxes and bowls to a complete dinner service in two colours.

L'Objet and the Haas Brothers' universe

The former interior designer Elad Yifrach founded his design studio L'Objet in 2004. The cosmopolitan's work builds bridges between cultures. His brand stands for modern designs full of stories that everyone around the world can enjoy.

During his travels, Yifrach built a unique network of friends who are masterful artisans. Together, they bring the brand L'Objet to life. The international group uses the best materials and employs both traditional handicraft and modern manufacturing techniques. Their detailed objects achieve an unsurpassed quality that elevates them to timeless design objects.

The brothers Nikolai and Simon Haas from Los Angeles founded their design studio in 2010. Their whimsical and playful designs provoke and cross boundaries with sharp-witted humour. The Haas Brothers experiment with all media, materials and dimensions. Thanks to their own curiosity and openness, their visual universe is always human and accessible.

Together, L'Objet and Haas Brothers create a unique collection with cross-cultural appeal. The longing for affection and community at times of isolation – a deeply human topic that is fundamentally touching to everyone. The whimsical characters illustrate the rediscovery of friends and family with an infectious zest for life.

Humour, emotion, quality - Positive impulses for the world

Imaginative minds, skilful hands: the life-affirming objects by L'Objet and Haas Brothers meet highest quality standards in function and workmanship. the collaboration has added many new facets to the L'Objet universe: innovative shapes, creative techniques, and materials not previously used by L'Objet, such as mother-of-pearl, wood, and glass.

With their collection, the artist brothers pursue the goal of making the world a little better. The pieces facilitate social interactions, encourage personal introspection or help to fall in love with family and friends all over again.

Décor and board games by L'Objet and Haas Brothers

The Huggers boxes are emblematic of the Haas Brothers collection. Two lovable monsters embrace each other with warmth and care. Perfect workmanship and 24-carat gold decors transform the cute figures to the personification of tenderness.

Playful dream worlds: The board and card games in the Haas Brothers collection are lovingly detailed collector's items. Whether chess set, each element is its own little work of art. The whimsical designs nevertheless invite you to laugh and play – unconventional gifts for free spirits.

Discover magical tablescapes – The Mojave dinnerware service

Do you know the other side of California? The dinner service from the Haas Brothers collection presents a dream version of the Mojave Desert not far from Los Angeles. An organic spherical pattern evokes an image of desert pebbles, reptile skin and the clear starry sky. Dunes, palm trees and cacti expand the fantasy world in large all-over patterns.

The fine china is available in two colours: Mojave Gold and Mojave Matcha Gold. The "Matcha" colour is inspired by Japanese green tea powder. The earthy green tone has a calming effect and is associated with healing and renewal. Accents of 24-carat gold add a new dimension of elegance to the porcelain tableware.

The vibrant dinner service exudes a unique combination of casual humour and elegant festiveness. A rush of emotions that mirrors the beautiful moment of seeing loved ones again after a long time.