Wellness & beauty by L'Objet

Wellness & beauty
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Wellness & Beauty by L'Objet

L’Objet’s collections of beauty products are irresistible not only due to their fragrant scents but also their extravagant design. The shape of the flacons is inspired by those used in the past by European apothecaries. To ensure that the scents and fluids retain their delicate qualities they are stored in black-violet glass flacons. These beauty products from L’Objet not only make a special treat for yourself but they would also make a wonderful gift. Each item is delivered in an attractive L’Objet gift box.

The "Bois Sauvage" range has a seductive spicy wood scent and the "Rose Noire" series has the gentle perfume of roses, the queen of fragrant flowers. Both collections include body soap, hand and body lotion, and bath salts. These L’Objet products are composed only of natural oils and essences. A highlight of the collection is the bath salts because it is made up of Epsom salts and salt from the Atlantic and is refined with dried plant extracts.