Leitner - The art of weaving

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About the brand Leitner

Linen Haute couture for living, sleeping and bathing

Subtly patterned tablecloths with a touch of opulence. Being enveloped in the soft caress of this bed linen is an absolute pleasure. The Austrian family company Leitner produces table and bed fabrics using linen of the highest quality. The Austrian company has been perfecting this traditional art of weaving for more than 150 years. The pure linen napkins and place mats are finished with a 3cm wide hemstitch.

"Linen is the oldest fabric in the world. It has lots of strengths and possibilities. We specialize in making the most of all these possibilities. " That is how the owner of the company, Friedrich Leitner, sums up the philosophy of the company from the Austrian Mühlviertel. What is more, the sincerity of this statement is seen in the collections of table and bed linen, all woven of the finest natural yarns.

Flax from Europe’s best growing regions represent the foundation for the linen collections by Leitner. Linen yarns that are processed by Leitner impress with natural brillance, smoothness and colour. In order to create yarns of this quality up to 27 crops from different regions of France and Belgium and various vintages are blended into one batch.

The fine art of weaving: Leitner Linen

Tablecloths, bed linen or pillow cases from Leitner are masterpieces of the art of weaving. The natural linen is used to produce fabrics in soft hues and with fascinatingly delicate designs. Leitner's collections are inspired not only by historical ornaments of the last century, but also by contemporary artists.

Leitner linen is easy to look after, kind to the skin as well as ecologically harmless and has excellent temperature-regulating qualities. Due to the smooth surface of linen fibre and its natural wax cover, linen is exceptionally dirt resistant. Easy care is a very essential characteristic of linen. A washing temperature of 40 °C and a gentle washing liquid are optimal. And the great thing is that the more often linen is washed, the more beautiful it becomes.