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About the brand Linari

Linari room fragrances don't just want to smell good. The leading room fragrance label from Hamburg wants more: to create wonderful room fragrances and consistently combine them with timeless minimalist design. Linari captivates with individuality and a perfect understanding of design that redefines luxury.

The Linari recipe for success: the symbiosis of fragrance and shape

The special quality feature of a Linari room fragrance is its high percentage of genuine perfume and its longevity. In collaboration with renowned perfumers such as Mark Buxton, Egon Oelkers or Maurice Roucel, Linari creates a world of scents that is as striking as it is multi-faceted. Linari room fragrances are available in scent diffusers with evaporating sticks, as scented candles and as room sprays. Each of these products resembles a design object that becomes a visual highlight. The timeless minimalist design harmonises with any furnishing style and can be used everywhere. Linari room fragrances enrich private living areas as well as offices, hotel lobbies and shops.

Rainer Diersche - designer and managing director of the Linari brand

In 2003 Rainer Diersche founded the Linari brand in Hamburg and was one of the first scent diffuser manufacturers at that time. The goal of the trained industrial engineer, who owned two furniture design shops at the end of the 1990s, was to produce luxury room fragrances in high-quality design. Linari room fragrances were to far outperform the products previously on the market. Rainer Diersche regularly places the composition of his fragrances in the hands of famous perfumers. However, the design of Linari products is a matter for the boss - from the first concept to the design of the final product.

Linari - a new concept of luxury

"Luxury is the opposite of ordinary" says Linari founder Rainer Diersche. This is underlined by the strongly reduced design of the Linari products. In addition, luxury also has something to do with consistency. In addition to timeless design, the use of the best raw materials is therefore a feature of the entire Linari collection. The flacons are made of high-quality Italian glass and are adorned with labels made of fabric or aluminium. The solid oak, wenge or zebrano lids round off this elegant home accessory.

How a Linari fragrance is created

In the beginning there is usually the idea for a fragrance, on the basis of which a suitable perfumer is selected. The inspiration for Linari fragrances often comes from travel; especially in countries with hot and humid climates, intense new fragrances can be perceived that serve as inspiration. Once the start is made, there is time for olfactory creativity. It usually takes twelve to 18 months from the idea to the finished product. Only then do the fragrances have the high quality needed to finally be launched on the market as a Linari product.

Overview of the different scents