"Calla" scented candle by Linari

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Product characteristics:

  • H3½'', ø 3''
  • Frosted glass, wenge wooden lid
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  • H3½'', ø 3''
  • Frosted glass, wenge wooden lid
The Linari scented candles combine puristic design with unique fragrance. The very long-lasting exclusive scents contain a large percentage of perfume, comparable to Eau de Parfum. The puristic lid is used practically as the functional base for the scented candles. The combination of fine French candle wax with the wonderful Linari scent-creations leads to an unmistakeable aromatic atmosphere characterised by optimal scent diffusion.
The average burning time in normal conditions is between 45 and 50 hours.

Before lighting the scented candle, care should be taken to shorten the candle wick with scissors to a maximum length of about 6 mm. The curled wick-end which forms after prolonged burning should be removed. To obtain the optimal diffusion of the fine perfume, the scented candle should not burn for more than four hours at a time. When in use, the candle should also be placed on the upturned wooden lid which serves as a candle holder.
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Please find here a description of the different Linari scents:

Overview of the different scents

Scented candles with wooden lid: The puristic wooden lid of solid maple, African wenge or zebrano wood is used as a functional base for the candles.

"Wave" collection ("Riva", "Nobile", "Alba", "Kyara"): decorated with silver-coloured waves

"Rombi" collection ("Agata", "Icona", "Fiore"): with matt black rhomb pattern, matt black wooden lid

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