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  • Velvet-lined flacons and candle
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Linari’s "Natale" Christmas edition features scented candle, room spray and room scent, encapsulating the dream of Christmas in a heady, aromatic bouquet of almonds and oranges. Delectable dashes of vanilla and cinnamon put the finishing touches, creating a sense of blissful well-being - whatever the season.
The "Natale" room scent and room spray flacons from Linari are clad in black-brown velvet; the closures and labels are gold-coloured in a brushed finish. The room scent's evaporating sticks in puristic black ensure that the scent unfolds to give off its full fragrance. Incidentally, Linari’s exclusive fragrances contain a particularly high percentage of perfume.
The "Natale" scented candle from Linari is also clad in black-brown satin. A wood wick tops the dark black wax and burns with a soft crackling sound. The "Natale" scented candle burns for 45 to 50 hours.

Take care because the room spray and room scent liquids are inflammable. Therefore they must be kept away from any sources of fire, sparks and heat. Under no circumstances should the evaporating sticks be ignited.

The distinctive, satin-coated packaging makes the "Natale" room scent, room spray and scented candle from Linari an ideal gift. Not just at Christmas.
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5/2014 September/October

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