Refill for "Riva" room scent, with dark sticks by Linari

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Product characteristics:

  • 16.9 oz
  • Glass bottle with shiny screw cap, delivery with 14 wooden evaporating sticks.
    Delivery only within Europe.
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  • 16.9 oz
  • Glass bottle with shiny screw cap, delivery with 14 wooden evaporating sticks.
    Delivery only within Europe.
When Linari‘s beautiful glass flacons have released their last drops of perfume, it is time for one of the practical new refill bottles from the fragrance experts in Hamburg. The refills for Linari room scents each contain 500 ml of the exclusive scents. These refill bottles have shiny screw tops and a fixed pouring aid. We supply the room scents from Linari in real glass bottles, which preserves the quality of the perfume. All refills are equipped with a set of evaporating sticks.

But careful: The refill bottles are not suitable as a replacement for defect diffusers. Their sole purpose is to provide your empty diffusers with a new supply of wonderful fragrances. The room scents from Linari generally diffuse their inimitable aromas for at least six months. When their bewitching contents start to dwindle, the diffuser refills offer the ideal pick-me-up for your elegant Linari flacons.
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The inside of the original diffuser bottle needs to be cleaned before refilling. We recommend the use of pure alcohol for this process.
Remove the used evaporation sticks and unscrew the lid from the diffuser. Pour 50ml– 100ml (1.7 – 3.4 FL.OZ.) of pure alcohol in to the diffuser.
Remove the cap from the REFILL bottle and screw it on to the diffuser. Shake the diffuser carefully until all fragrance remnants have been fully removed. Repeat this procedure until the inner bottle surface is clean, in case of persistant debris the use of a bottle brush is recommended.

Pour out the alcohol, allow the diffuser to dry thoroughly and fill it up with the new REFILL fragrance. We recommend the use of a funnel.
Please use the new set of evaporating sticks (delivered together with the refill) to guarantee optimal scent evaporation.

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