Lladró - exceptional handcrafted figurines

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About the brand Lladró

Lladró porcelain from Spain: Porcelain manufacture is a traditional craft. We can order any Lladró figurine out of the broad porcelain range for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us. Here you can download the complete Lladró catalogue with all Lladró porcelain figurines: Lladró catalogue of all figurines

Lladró - Success story of an iconic Spanish brand

Juan, José and Vicente Lladró can be regarded as the "three musketeers" of porcelain history. It was not only very adventurous of them to start a porcelain factory from scratch in the small town of Almácera near Valencia in 1953, their design organisation was also very audacious. They specialized in extraordinary porcelain figurines. Their skill and unique handcraftsmanship turned Lladró into a famous brand, which is now represented around the whole world.

Lladró Porcelain - Tradition with a touch of mystery

When you visit the archive of the famous porcelain manufacturer Lladró, you soon realize that every piece is still being made with the same care and precision as around 60 years ago. For each object, the artists from Lladró first prepare sketches, which are in themselves works of art. For Lladró figurines such as the "Swimmer" or the "Sprinter" for example, studies lasting several days are prepared, in order to capture every detail and produce a result that is as lifelike as possible. Models are then prepared using these sketches and finally the Lladró porcelain figurines are produced during a complex process.

One of Lladró’s specialities is to manufacture many figurines and objects from its own special recipe of porcelain paste. The object, such as the birds on the scented candles or vases from the "Parrot Party" collection, is then naturally painted by hand. The Lladró artists have developed an amazing painting technique that seems to inject the objects with life. In the end the feathers of the birds seem so real that you can almost feel their softness.

The colours themselves are also developed by Lladró: The Lladró range already includes over 5000 shades. To achieve the glossy finish that is so characteristic of the Lladró figurines, the porcelain design is coated in a varnish, the ingredients of which are also a well-kept corporate secret.

Lladró Collection - Works of art in porcelain

Apart from upholding it traditions, Lladró also spends a lot of time working together with modern designers and contemporary artists. This has resulted in some very creative, highly modern designs in which art and design have been melded in the finest possible way. In its atelier, newcomers and young designers are allowed to implement their own ideas to produce revolutionary Lladró porcelain designs.

Whether art object or classic home object: Lladró does not set itself any limits, preferring instead to look for new ideas for what can be done with porcelain. Lamps, mirrors, scent diffusers… Lladró is a unique mix of talent, audacity and meticulousness in the quest for excellence. From chemistry to modeling, as well as carving, etching, painting… a team of expert artists and designers keep alive the ancient craft and methods of turning porcelain into dreams.