Mario Luca Giusti - Synthetic crystal made in Italy

Mario Luca Giusti
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About the brand Mario Luca Giusti

The designer Mario Luca Giusti was born in Florence and it was there that he founded his company for high-quality acrylic glass in 2007. Each collection bears his own signature. He achieved his first breakthrough shortly after he started the company. Today, Mario Luca Giusti’s acrylic glasses and jugs are cult products in Italy and are also very popular with international celebrities. Even Steven Spielberg has discovered the advantages of this avant-garde combination of almost unbreakable plastic, modern design and crystal-clear transparency.

Mario Luca Giusti: Expert acrylic glass manufacturer

Acylic glasses and jugs by Mario Luca Giusti display exceptional lines and refinements as well as wonderful gemstone colours. In appearance, they are very similar to crystal glasses. The great difference is that acrylic glass and acrylic jugs cannot shatter. Acrylic glass is a very resistant material and yet featherlight. That makes these robust glasses very good for outdoor activities, such as a picnic or pool party. These shatterproof glasses are particularly good for motor yachts or sailboats. Were it not for their featherlight weight, you might well mistake them for real crystal glasses at first glance.

One of the cult brand’s best sellers is the "Diamante" tumblers. These acrylic glasses by Mario Luca Giusti combine the charm of traditional shapes with crystal-clear radiance. The brilliance and transparency of the sophisticated design make one almost forget that these popular drinking vessels are actually made of acrylic glass They look elegant and will not end up on the floor as broken glass when partying with friends.