Mario Luca Giusti - Synthetic crystal made in Italy

Mario Luca Giusti
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Acrylic glass and melamine plates by Mario Luca Giusti

Sophisticated tableware wherever you go: Mario Luca Giusti designs and produces synthetic crystal glass and melamine plates since 2007. His acrylic glassware and melamine plates capture the elegance of glass and porcelain in materials that have one crucial advantage over their noble counterparts: they are hard to break.

The fragility of glass and porcelain is not quite severe enough to justify shunning them at home or in restaurants. For outdoor activities, however, there is more to consider. From gardens and terraces over balconies and pools to ships and mega-yachts, the consequences of shards on the floor can go beyond an expensive replacement purchase. From injured feet to closed swimming pools, the risks pile up quickly – here, shatter-proof drinking glasses and plates save time, money and nerves.

Form with function - acrylic glassware from the expert designer

Born in Florence, Mario Luca Giusti grew up surrounded by Italian culture and aesthetics. After learning tailoring from Germana Marucelli at the age of 16, Giusti initially successfully operated his family's shoe company.

In 2007, Mario Luca Giusti launched his synthetic crystal glass brand named after himself. Radiating Italian stylistic confidence, Giusti's practical designs between fusion and pop quickly conquered the pools and mega yachts around the globe. Convenience meets beauty – yes please!

Mario Luca Giusti designs his collections personally. New colours and shapes fit seamlessly into the designer's sparkling world. His bold style has convinced big department stores and top hotels. Globetrotters will find acrylic glassware and jugs by Mario Luca Giusti at Bagagli in Rome, Lane Crawford in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing, Takashimaya in Tokyo and many more.

Brilliant, multi-faceted, sophisticated - acrylic glasses and jugs

The term polymethyl methacrylate is tamed with the abbreviation PMMA or the word acrylic glass. High-quality acrylic glass is more translucent than mineral glass and offers endless design possibilities. Mario Luca Giusti gives his acrylic glasses and jugs the shine of crystal glass with imaginative cuts and facets reminiscent of classic European crystalware.

Not only does acrylic glass offer great aesthetic potential, it also does not splinter. While it is not indestructible, it survives more than mineral glass ever could. Even when it finally breaks, it simply cracks – damage that can be tolerated in outdoor use. The comparatively fair price makes replacement equally painless.

Another factor: acrylic glass is lighter than crystal glass. It is by no means flimsy – the glasses and jugs by Mario Luca Giusti retain a premium feel. Compared to glass, however, they save a lot of weight, especially in large quantities - an important aspect when furnishing private jets and yachts.

Vibrant melamine plates

Mario Luca Giusti offers a colourful selection of melamine dinnerware to accompany his synthetic crystal glassware collections. Melamine resins are so-called thermosetting plastic, which means that they do not deform under heat. Melamine plates are break-resistant, scratch-resistant and durable.

Melamine dinnerware by Mario Luca Giusti resembles porcelain in appearance and weight. The collections cover the basic needs at the dinner table: a dinner plate, a dessert plate and a bowl.

The vibrant colours follow the idea of "mix and match" – create your own personal tableware set from the available options. The colour palette by Mario Luca Giusti is ideal for bold colour blocking for that extra portion of summer feeling.