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Missoni Home - Life in colours

Casual glamour: Dress your home in Italian high fashion with Missoni Home. The Italian family business Missoni made knitwear fashionable in the 1960s. Since 1983, the Missoni Home collection has brought the brand's fashion style from the catwalk into the living room. The legendary Missoni patterns are bright, lively and sophisticated – perfect for your own four walls.

Missoni is unique. Unlike most fashion labels, it produces its own exclusive textiles. Its unmistakable trademark pattern is the dazzling chevron, better known as zigzag pattern. Missoni textiles are also available with striped and floral patterns as well as monochrome and completely unique designs.

The soul of Missoni lies in Rosita Missoni's virtuoso colour palettes. She is not afraid to paint with all the colours of the rainbow to create stunning patterns. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and everything in between - Missoni composes opulent colour harmonies that no other fashion label could create.

Brilliant colours, high-quality yarns and elaborate manufacturing processes, Missoni sets new quality standards from season to season.

Bring colour into your life with Missoni Home and rediscover the joy of interior design.

Iridescent stars for the living room, bedroom and bathroom

Cushions, blankets, poufs, bath mats, terry towels – no matter how big or small, home accessories by Missoni Home take the leading role in any room. Their striking patterns and colours transform their surroundings into sophisticated oases of well-being with an elegant zest of life. For a new room mood, simply change the colour palette.

Whether zigzag, floral or patchwork patterns, Missoni Home focuses on designs with maximum visibility for a prominent aesthetic. The objects are most impactful in bright rooms with neutral natural colours such as sandstone, beige, cream or stone grey, you will be thrilled by their effect.

One brand, one family – The Italian fashion empire Missoni

The story of the Missoni brand is the story of Ottavio and Rosita Missoni. The couple had met in 1948 at the London Olympics; Ottavio was an athlete, Rosita an enthusiastic spectator. In 1953 they married, opened a knitting workshop in Lombardy, Italy, and produced knitted tracksuits. Their first prêt-à-porter fashion line under the name Missoni debuted in Milan in 1958.

The focus then, as now, was on the textiles they made themselves. Ottavio tirelessly researched new knitting techniques, dyeing processes and colour schemes. Rosita took on the role of designer and created the fashion lines from Ottavio's colourful textiles.

The couple created their own style, far from established norms and trends. Ottavio's innovative textiles evolved into inimitable works of art. The sophisticated knitting techniques, colours and patterns intertwine perfectly and make up Missoni's radiance. In 1969 they opened a new factory in Sumirago near Milan, which still operates today.

Knitwear made chic – From the catwalk to the living room

By the end of the 1960s, Missoni had transformed the once bourgeois knitwear into an avant-garde fashion happening. Vogue editors Diana Vreeland and Anna Piaggi brought Missoni's knitwear revolution first to the USA, then the rest of the world. Missoni became a counterculture style icon and a permanent fixture in the Italian fashion world.

In 1979, the first Missoni men's collection appeared, followed by fragrances, accessories, beachwear and children's fashion. In 1983, the Missoni Home Collection launched. Missoni was one of the first fashion brands to venture into the world of home accessories.

The transformation from fashion for wearing to fashion for living was exceptionally successful. Missoni Home established itself as one of the most important home collections from any fashion brand. Interior became fashion; a living expression of one's own personality, always in motion.

Rosita Missoni – The Grande Dame of Zigzag Knitwear

In the 1990s, co-founder Rosita Missoni realised that she had lost interest in the fashion world. She handed over the reins of Missoni to her daughter Angela in 1998 and rediscovered an old passion: the home. As Creative Director for Missoni Home, she returned to her original creative philosophy.

Rosita's designs have a clear goal: to bring joy into the home with colourful harmonies. Her home accessories do not replace, but complement and reinterpret existing rooms – quickly, dynamically and with ease.

To achieve this, the fashion matriarch draws on her extraordinary sense of colour. Like an expressionist painter, she boldly juxtaposes a wealth of hues in her patterns. Every season she creates new colour atmospheres, sometimes soothing and warm, sometimes fresh and invigorating. An effortless stroke of genius.

For Missoni Home, Rosita brings together what is often mutually exclusive: Organised and homely, inviting and surprising, cheerful and elegant. With light-hearted virtuosity, ideas flow freely in space, creating new synergies and welcoming friends and guests open-heartedly.

Unconventional, eclectic, optimistic, Missoni Home is a pure expression of freedom.

Fashion-forward living – Freedom for every room

More knits, more drama: Missoni Home invigorates your home with its electrifying colours and patterns. Missoni novices start with throw pillows to test different arrangements. Connoisseurs expand their collection and effortlessly create new combinations with intuitive mix and match. If it feels good, it looks good.

Invite the most successful icons of the Missoni textile collections into your home, from the bedroom to the bathroom. The textiles are specialised for their new area of use such as indoor or outdoor and available in exclusive colours only for the home collection.

Turn your bed into an eye-catcher with a Missoni Home bedspreads. Throws & cushions embellish all living spaces. Poufs are a speciality of Missoni Home: as free radicals, you can pick up and carry the handy seating furniture from room to room. In this way, a single piece can create a comfortable atmosphere throughout the house.

Soft and fluffy terry towelling, bathrobes and bath mats help you relax in the bathroom and spa area. The high-quality towels and robes are absorbent high-performers. Share the Missoni lifestyle with guest towels for your friends and family.

The Missoni Home Outdoor Collection

On the beach and by the pool, beach towels from Missoni Home unfold their casual boho chic, helping you relax on a sunny seaside holiday.

The outdoor collection is made of water-resistant fabric. The cushions and poufs don’t mind staying outside in the garden, on the terrace or the sun deck. True to the Missoni spirit, the outdoor and indoor collections share a coherent style. Together they dissolve the boundaries between indoors and outdoors. Casual, comfortable, free – start living in colour with Missoni Home.