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Skyline Chess
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About the brand Skyline Chess

Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower, the Guggenheim Museum - Skyline Chess's pieces are modeled on some of the world's most famous buildings. With their chess sets, architects and designers Ian Flood and Chris Prosser have redesigned the game of kings.

Skyline Chess: how it all started

The best ideas usually come about by chance. So did Ian Flood and Chris Prosser. The two trained architects shared a house in London and often played a game of chess together in the evening after work. Then they suddenly had the idea: "What would it be like if we could design chess pieces in the form of buildings? And by that they didn't mean any buildings. Some of the most famous buildings and places of interest in the world were to be the models for their chess pieces.

First London, then Paris and New York

The English capital is the home of the two architects, which is why the "London Edition" started with chess pieces inspired by buildings such as the Big Ben, the London Eye Ferris Wheel and the Canary Wharf. When success came, new cities were added. Today, the "Paris" and "New York" editions are also part of the portfolio of Skyline Chess, a company founded in London by Ian Flood and Chris Prosser. The architects attach great importance to the fact that the buildings match the respective chess pieces in terms of both size and architectural status. For example, the pawns are symbolized by the Brownstone houses in New York or the Hausmann buildings in Paris, while the Kings appear in the form of the Eiffel Tower or the One World Trade Tower.

Exclusive materials and traditional craftsmanship

The success of Skyline Chess meant that over time the founders Ian Flood and Chris Prosser tried out and used new materials. To this day, they design chess pieces made of injection-moulded acrylic for the starter sets. Later they developed figures made of high-quality synthetic resin and valuable bronze. The synthetic resin is poured into the mould with metal dust. This looks particularly noble and also gives the pieces a very pleasant feel.

The luxurious bronze sets use a technique that is many centuries old. Skyline Chess works together with a foundry in the jewelry district of Birmingham. The small family business masters the traditional bronze casting and today creates wonderful statement pieces for Syline Chess. The game pieces made of solid bronze and the game board made of Corian are artistic decorative objects at the same time - for architecture lovers as well as for all travellers and explorers.