"Puro" terry towels by Weseta Switzerland

"Puro" terry towels
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"Puro": pure and weighty

Wellness for the senses: the "Puro" terry towelline line by Weseta Switzerland celebrates the luxury of simplicity. "Puro" is an extra voluminous Swiss terry cloth made from pure cotton with a simple, timeless design without a border. Especially thick (600 g/m2) and fluffy. This also makes the "Puro" terry towels particularly absorbent.

Compared with the two "Dream Royal" and "Dreampure" terry towelling lines, "Puro" is heavier with 600 g/m2. Furthermore, "Puro" is produced with a different weaving technology - it has longer and more twisted pile flaps. So not only the look is different, but also the "dry feeling" after showering and bathing. "Puro" is perfect for "rubbing dry", whereas the other two lines are more suitable for "dabbing dry".

The "Puro" line is manufactured in Switzerland and complies with the Oeko-Tex Standard 100. Weseta recommends the matching "Puro" bath rugs.