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  • Mouthblown, hand-cut crystal glass
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  • Hand-wash recommended
Drinking wine is always a sensuous experience. With the "100 Points" glasses from Lalique this feeling is even more intensified with a design that gently caresses the senses. The stems of the glasses are smoothly rounded and finished with a frosting effect. When you take one of Lalique’s "100 Points" glasses in your hand, you are first of all impressed by the firm grip it provides.

But after this first impression, your attention is then taken by the wine: the bowl of Lalique’s "100 Points" glass is simple and u-shaped so that the bouquet of the wine can develop in the best possible way. Particular value was given to this characteristic by the creative genius behind the design: James Suckling is an internationally renowned wine expert who has his own website dedicated to the subject and who writes articles for the best known luxury magazines. He has brought his many years of expertise to bear in the design of these "100 Points" glasses for Lalique.

The series is completed with a wine decanter and a water carafe. Each object in the "100 Points" series from Lalique is made by hand in France of the finest crystal glass and is thus a unique piece of glasswork.
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Please find here a brochure with pictures about the "100 Points" glasses by Lalique:

Brochure "100 Points" glasses

Klassisch Wohnen
Mai - Juni - Juli 2017

"Dickbauch: Dekantierkaraffe 100 Points aus mundgeblasenem und handgeschliffenem Kristallglas." View PDF

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