"Tommy" Champagne flute, amethyst by Saint-Louis

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Richly detailed cutting makes the coloured crystal glasses glitter like diamonds. Indeed, to produce this effect, as many as three intricate glass-making techniques are necessary: facet cutting, ball cutting and diamond cutting. These Champagne flutes are part of the “Tommy” collection which is one of the most important and famous productions of the crystal glass manufactory Saint-Louis. This fame may also have been enhanced by a nice anecdote entwined around this classic series from the year 1928: on the occasion of a visit by King George VI, a “dinner” was given in the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles, and the place of each guest was set with eleven glasses from the “Tommy” series. Each of these glasses is still produced today in France’s oldest glass factory with all the traditional skill and precise craftsmanship. Further articles from the “Tommy” series can be viewed below.

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No. 51 | December 10, 2020

"Handgeschliffen: farbenfrohe Champagnerflöten Tommy aus Kristallglas."

Elle Decoration
6/2015 November/December

"Die Weltenbummlerin! Marsala, Smaragd und tiefes Schwarz: 26 Geschenke, die mit einem Hauch Exotik in die Ferne führen."

Elle Decoration
5/2015 September/October

"Christian Louboutin; Rot ist seine Glücksfarbe! Die kombiniert der Schuhkönig gern mit royaler Pracht und einem Hauch Exotik."

Elle Decoration
July / August 2013

"In den puristischen Zeiten war sie verschwunden. Jetzt ist die offene Hausbar wieder da! Und sehr retro-chic. Wie gut, dass sie sich so wunderbar leicht improvisieren lässt. Die Basis bildet ein antikes Silbertablett, auf dem unterschiedlich hohe Gläser und Karaffen angeordnet werden."

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