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Every drink a work of art - buy exclusive bar glasses online

A good drink needs the right bar glass because the shape and texture of the glass constitutes a substantial part of the drinking experience. Invite the flair of the most sophisticated bars in the world into your home with handcrafted bar glasses from the most exclusive manufactures in Europe.

Glamorous bar glasses for gourmets and connoisseurs

The cosmopolitan cocktail connoisseur will appreciate a good Old Fashioned glass – because the unforgettable Old Fashioned cocktail just isn’t complete unless served in a hand-cut crystal tumbler. Crystal glass manufacturers such as Moser and Saint-Louis offer legendary designs that are worthy of the heritage of the world's best cocktails.

Modern mixologists will find their happiness with Robbe & Berking’s silver-plated bar goblets and tumblers. Silver-plated drinkware conducts heat so efficiently that it can quickly become extremely cold, creating a whole new drinking experience. From contemporary classics like the Mint Julep to trendy highballs like the Moscow Mule, cooling down on hot days will be guaranteed.

If you want to stand out, you can do so with the porcelain cups from Sieger by Fürstenberg. Whether champagne bowl, cocktail mug for gin & tonic or beer mug - the fine drinking vessels offer a refreshing mix of elegance and trendiness.

Our extensive collection covers both classic and special shapes, such as snifter, whisky tumbler, highball glass, champagne flute, shaker, bar tumbler, vodka glass, bar glass, degustation glass, cocktail glass, cognac glass, sherry glass, liqueur glass, shot glass, beer glass, cocktail bowl...