Bar glasses

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An elegant cocktail cabinet obviously requires sophisticated bar glasses. Crystal glass manufacturers such as Saint-Louis, Moser and Artel have been cultivating the bar culture for centuries. As a result, their range includes glasses for all kinds of drinks - ranging from the cognac glass to whisky tumbler and highball glass.

Just as taste differs in drinks, there are a variety of different tastes in the design of bar glasses. That is why the choice is so extensive. The "Street" glasses from Orrefors bear a distinctive lattice cut, for example, while the "Apollo" glasses by Saint-Louis have a softly waved surface, and the motifs on the "Sea Life" glasses from Artel recounts stories from the sea.

Our range includes whisky glasses, highball glasses, cocktail glasses, vodka glasses and liqueur glasses. Naturally bar glasses from different collections can also be combined with one another. What they have in common is their outstanding quality and the traditional craftsmanship used to produce them. These bar glasses are such a joy in themselves that they almost make you forget to have a drink.