"Bubbles" hock glass, sky blue by Saint-Louis

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The "Bubbles" hock glasses by Saint-Louis are available in ten enchanting colours. Their purposefully long stems make them a head above anything else on any table.
The hand-cut beads, which seem to float one on top of the other, are not only very attractive, they provide a very comfortable grip.

The exquisite "Bubbles" crystal glasses are manufactured in the world-famous Saint-Louis Cristallerie. They were designed in 1992 by the English artist Teleri Ann Jones, who has managed to harmoniously combine modern design with the luxurious style of France’s oldest crystal glass manufactory.

The rich heritage of the manufacturer is reflected in the intricate production process. Prize-winning master glassblowers and engravers work on the "Bubbles" glasses. Up to five days are necessary to complete each glass.
The Saint-Louis hock glasses can either be used as a white wine glass or a water glass. You will find further items from the "Bubbles" line below.
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