Coloured glasses

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A touch of colour - buy exclusive coloured glassware online

Coloured glassware is a great way to enchant your home with a refined shimmer of colour. Our coloured glassware and drinkware catches the light in endlessly fascinating ways – place it on your table and see how it elevates the atmosphere of the whole interior.

How is coloured glass made?

Producing coloured glass is an ancient craft that has seen rapid development over the last two centuries. State-of-the-art coloured glassware is usually made by ionisation. During that process, rare metals are melted along with the other ingredients for glass to lend it gemstone-like colours. A multitude of factors influence the final colour of the glass – a science in its own right. This is why each manufactory has its very own distinct colour palette.

What is cased glass?

Glasware made of cased glass does not consist of solid coloured glass, but of a clear inner layer and a coloured outer layer. To achieve these layers, a clear glass gob is dipped into molten coloured glass and then mouth-blown into shape.

When cased glass is cut or engraved, the clear layer emerges bit by bit, allowing for fine colour gradients. This is how a simple drinking glass can become the canvas of unrivalled craftsmanship.

Coloured glassware – add light and texture to your home

Coloured glass has been popular because of its mesmerising impact on entire rooms. A strategically placed set of coloured drinking glasses can transform the atmosphere of your interior significantly with a subtle yet enchanting play of light and sophisticated textures. Try Moser's elusive colour palette, Theresienthal's richly engraved drinking glasses or Rotter Glas's dizzyingly cut goblets.