"Branch" candlestick, white biscuit, large by Nymphenburg

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Product characteristics:

  • H10¾''
  • Handicraft, white biscuit exterior/white glazed interior
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  • H10¾''
  • Handicraft, white biscuit exterior/white glazed interior
It is permissible for a company with the fine reputation of the Nymphenburg porcelain factory decides to experiment. New York designer Ted Muehling has taken the art of porcelain manufacture to its extremes to create decoratively shaped objects, inspired by nature. These "branch" candlesticks number among his most sophisticated creations. Reminiscent of the Rococo period, these candlesticks are a marvel of precise handcraftsmanship, made of a rough white bisque porcelain. (Photographs by Don Freeman).
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Elle Decoration
6/2015 November/December

"Diese Kerzenständer verbreiten auf Festtafeln wundervolle Stimmung - in der Gruppe oder aber als Solisten."

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