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Candles convey a feeling of warmth and romance, but it is their candle holders that enable them to enter our home. Chic candle holders offer tea lights, taper and pillar candles a perfect stage. Sometimes, they are the centre of attention as presented in the crystal glass dome from Saint-Louis, sometimes they are beautifully integrated, as in the porcelain lantern from Nymphenburg, and on other occasions they crown a silver sculpture as they do in the Christofle candlesticks. Such exceptional candle holders and votives make lighting a candle a statement of style. When they are made of precious materials like crystal glass, horn or silver, they have a particularly enchanting effect on the room. Some candle holders also refract the light in a rainbow of different colours, thanks to their special shapes and cuts.

Even renowned designers, such as Ted Mühling or Jaime Hayon, think up innovative ideas for candle holders. Their creations for Nymphenburg and Lladró are original and expressive. That is why candle holders have become an object found in every household.