"Harlem" vase, h 17,8 cm by Reflections Copenhagen

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Product characteristics:

  • 8¾'' x 7'', ø 4'', 144.6 oz
  • Crystal glass, entirely handmade
  • 8¾'' x 7'', ø 4'', 144.6 oz
  • Crystal glass, entirely handmade

The "Harlem" vase by Reflections Copenhagen brings the glamour of New York's historic skyscrapers into your interior. The vase is 17.8 cm (7.01") tall and made of pure hand-cut crystal glass. The fan motif was a popular element in the style of Art Deco. The Danish designers modernise it with a bold colour palette of deep black, intense green and delicate pink. The fused elements reflect each other - from every angle, new, exciting compositions of light and colour emerge. Subtle satin details complement the spectacle. The solid crystal glass of the "Harlem" vase is heavy enough to hold large and projecting bouquets and branches.

The design by Reflections Copenhagen counters the current minimalism with bold maximalism to open up new possibilities for home decor. The "Harlem" vase is highly contemporary yet reminiscent of the Roaring Twenties, when jazz filled the big cities and film and radio ushered in a cultural paradigm shift. The novel colour palette adds a new dimension of expert craftsmanship. It renews and amplifies the spirited joie de vivre of its historical role models. The "Harlem" vase is securely packaged in a signature gift box from Reflections Copenhagen and can be gifted directly to discerning aesthetes.

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