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  • Murano glass, numbered edition, handcrafted
Carlo Scarpa is the famous designer who designed the "Tessuti Battuti" vases for Venini. Producing these artworks demands all the skill of the Murano glass blowers. Murano glass is one of the world’s most exclusive and coveted craft objects. Venini was founded in 1921 in Murano. Even today, every "Tessuit Battuti" vase continues to be produced entirely by hand.

The decorative "Tessuti Battuti" vases are made using a particularly intricate "Cane" technique. The fine lines of the vase are created by fusing together melted stripes of glass. The glass rods can be in one colour or multi-coloured. The glass master lays the colour glass rods on a metal sheet. These glass rods are then heated and fused together. Subsequently, the melted glass can be processed and shaped into vases. When the glass object has been cooled, it is further worked using the Battuto technique. The translation of the Italian word "battuto" is "beaten" or "wrought" and means that the glass surface is cut. That is what gives the vases their characteristic cut surface.

Venini stands apart from other glass manufacturers with its very distinct style and unique glass colours. Achieving the superior colour of the Murano glass demands great precision from the Venini glass blowers during the composition process. These traditional techniques of glass manufacture represent a skill no longer learned by many glass blowers today. The secret techniques of glass art are passed on from generation to generation.
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