"Transat" Champagne bowl with 12 flutes by Ercuis

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Product characteristics:

  • H7¾'', ø 17¾''
  • Silverplated, delivery with 12 flutes
  • H7¾'', ø 17¾''
  • Silverplated, delivery with 12 flutes
The silverplated "Transat" Champagne cooler from Ercuis comes with 12 flute glasses. The glasses can be placed in a removable ring and thus ice-cooled. There is also space in the middle of the ring for cooling three Champagne bottles.

The silverplated "Transat" Champagne bowl from Ercuis will whisk you off to a glamorous ocean liner of the 1930s and into one of the first-class luxury suites. Shortly after leaving port around midnight, there is a clinking of Champagne glasses. The lights of New York fade into the horizon. This is the lifestyle feeling that Ercuis captures perfectly with the Art Deco design of its majestic Champagne bowl.

And there is a good reason for this. The French silversmith used to supply silverware to renowned trans-Atlantic passenger ships. Ercuis conjures up memories of this period with its "Transact" range. However, you don’t have to be at sea to enjoy the aesthetic perfection of Champagne served in this beautiful Champagne bowl. It tastes just as fine on land.
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Boote Exclusiv
4/2016 Juli/August

"Ercuis präsentiert in der versilberten Schale Transat im Art-déco-Design wohlgeordnet ein Dutzend Sektflöten." View PDF