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About the brand Jean Lenoir

The French wine expert Jean Lenoir produces olfactory wine and coffee aroma essences in Provence. With the "Le Nez du Vin" and "Le Nez du Café" collections, you can train your sense of smell and learn how to precisely identify the many different nuances in wine and coffee. Sommeliers and wine dealers, scientists and oenologists are firm supporters of Jean Lenoir’s "olfactory school". “Le Nez du Vin” is also very popular with fastidious gourmets.

Jean Lenoir Olfactory School

Jean Lenoir has created an individual language for wine aromas. His "Le Nez du Vin” aroma samples train the nose. His detailed descriptions of the aromas make it possible to identify the bouquet of a wine more easily. Wine is not only a drink and stimulant for Jean Lenoir, it is also a work of art. For over thirty years, the wine aromas from Jean Lenoir have been training olfactory skills and promoting understanding for the art of wine tasting.

Following the success of “Le Nez du Vin”, Jean Lenoir decided to create a collection of coffee aromas. “Le Nez du Café” brings together the aroma essences for the most important coffee scents.

Artedona delivers the wine aromas and coffee aromas of Jean Lenoir in high-quality glass vials. These wine essences are conceived in such a way that they retain their aroma for many years.