Le Nez du Vin 24 aromas (12 red wine and 12 white wine aromas), English booklet by Jean Lenoir

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  • W9¼'' x H12'' x D2'', 47.6 oz
  • English booklet
View entire product range Jean Lenoir Le Nez du Vin 24 aromas (12 red wine and 12 white wine aromas)
  • W9¼'' x H12'' x D2'', 47.6 oz
  • English booklet
The essential art of wine-tasting is to perceive particular aromas and to describe them adequately. "Le Nez du Vin" offers you a wonderful opportunity to train your olfactory abilities and to learn about the different wine aromas.
Selected by the French oenologist Jean Leonoir, the sample bouquets in these glass vials comprise the aromas most commonly found in red and white wines. His collection is the only one used to train sommeliers.
Each wine aroma is described in detail in the accompanying booklet. The set contains both 12 aromas for red wine as well as 12 for white wine. The booklet is available in three languages.

You will find a detailed list of the aromas per set here.
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"Zum Testen und Genießen daheim! Mit Le Nez du Vin übt, wer ein Kenner werden will." View PDF