Le Nez du Vin, 54 aromas, French booklet by Jean Lenoir

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  • W11½'' x H15'' x D2¼'', 132.3 oz
  • French booklet
View entire product range Jean Lenoir Le Nez du Vin, 54 aromas
  • W11½'' x H15'' x D2¼'', 132.3 oz
  • French booklet
Wine contains an astonishing number of aromas. Since our tongue can only distinguish between the four basic sensations: sweet, sour, salt and bitter, it is actually our nose that plays the decisive role in our sense of taste. Le Nez du Vin offers you a wonderful opportunity to train your olfactory abilities. The 54-vial set covers all the most common aromas found in wine. You can "inhale" the individual aromas and compare them directly to the wine you are tasting. Each essence comes with a card providing important information about its incidence in wine. With some practice, your sense of smell will be so keen that you will be able to identify the various aromas easily. You can order the set in German, French and/or English.

You will find a detailed list of the aromas per set here.
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How long will the aromas keep? The aromas are guaranteed 5 years. They can last 10 years if kept in good conditions. Keep the vials upright in the box. Keep them away from sources of light and heat.

Are the aromas natural? Yes: the aromas are, insofar as possible, of natural origin. Le Nez du Vin, Le Nez du Café and Le Nez du Whisky aromas are made from both natural and synthetic ingredients (about 50/50).

Do the aromas contain alcohol? Le Nez du Vin tries to use other solvents. However, certain natural products are soluble only in alcohol.

Is it possible to buy the aromas or the books separately? Unfortunately not. The vials are inseparable from their companion books and vice-versa. The writings help connect the collection's aromas to the wine, coffee or whisky that you taste.

No. 42 / October 8, 2015

"Zum Testen und Genießen daheim! Mit Le Nez du Vin übt, wer ein Kenner werden will."

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