Le Nez du Whisky, 54 aromas by Jean Lenoir

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It is difficult to say what benefits more from "Le Nez du Whisky": your eyes, your taste buds or your mind. That is because all of them are addressed in equal measure. The set contains 54 glass flacons with samples of whisky’s most common aromas. You can "sniff" the individual aromas and then compare them with the whisky you are drinking.

An illustrated card containing relevant information is provided with each of the aromas. Charles MacLean, writer, historian and one of the world’s leading whiskey experts also tells you in a richly illustrated book about the century-old history of single malt and explains about the various kinds of whiskey.
The "Le Nez du Whisky" set from Jean Lenoir is available in a German, French and English version and is delivered in a high-quality casket.

You will find a detailed list of the aromas here.
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How long will the aromas keep? The aromas are guaranteed 5 years. They can last 10 years if kept in good conditions. Keep the vials upright in the box. Keep them away from sources of light and heat.

Are the aromas natural? Yes: the aromas are, insofar as possible, of natural origin. Le Nez du Vin, Le Nez du Café and Le Nez du Whisky aromas are made from both natural and synthetic ingredients (about 50/50).

Do the aromas contain alcohol? Le Nez du Vin tries to use other solvents. However, certain natural products are soluble only in alcohol.

Is it possible to buy the aromas or the books separately? Unfortunately not. The vials are inseparable from their companion books and vice-versa. The writings help connect the collection's aromas to the wine, coffee or whisky that you taste.

Boote Exclusiv
4/2016 Juli/August

"Le Nez du Whisky des Kenners und Autors Jean Lenoir erlaubt mit 54 wichtigen Aromen in Glasflacons samt Lehrbuch den Vergleich mit probierten Single Malts."

Käfer - Die Zeitung
Ausgabe 2015/5

"Schwer zu sagen, wer von Le Nez du Whisky mehr hat: die Augen, der Geschmack oder der Kopf. Das Geschenk enthält 54 Glasflakons mit Whiskey-Aromen und deren Beschreibungen, außerdem einen Bildband über die Geschichte des Single Malt."

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