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We stock duvets and pillows from Christian Fischbacher. All of them are produced in Switzerland and display great attention to detail. Our selection of duvets and pillows from Christian Fischbacher provide everything you need for a good night’s sleep.

In order to ensure that the night provides restful sleep, duvets and pillows need to be adjusted to individual requirements. The Swiss producer Christian Fischbacher is one of the foremost providers of such duvets and pillows: they are made of the best goose down and feathers, as well as high-quality cotton. The advantages of such bed linen are primarily that the fabric breathes and enables warmth to be distributed equally, thus creating optimal conditions for a good night’s sleep. Looking after such high-quality duvets and cushions is easy: usually all they need is a light shake in the morning.

A key point of Christian Fischbacher’s comfy pillows is their ergonomic support. A feature that is essential for healthy and uplifting sleep. Whether it is the "Lugano" baffle box duvet from Christian Fischbacher or the "Wengen" pillow, all of the down duvets and pillows are produced exclusively in Switzerland and are 100% biodegradable. We only have a small selection of duvets and pillows from Christian Fischbacher, but the choice provided is almost endless: It is possible to order any special size you wish. Please contact us about it. We are happy to answer you questions by phone or by e-mail.