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Room fragrances & soaps

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Homes have long since started wearing their owners’ favourite fragrances. Room scents, room sprays and scented candles add a very personal touch to one’s own four walls. At Artedona, you will find various room fragrances and room sprays from Linari as well as decorative beauty items by L'Objet for your bathroom.

Room scents, such as those produced by Linari, mainly disperse their aroma via wooden evaporating sticks. Scented candles, on the other hand, have to be lit, after which they exude a very intensive fragrance as well as a convivial glow. Soap, too, can be used to perfume a bathroom as high-quality soaps also exude a soft scent. And L'Objet’s scented candles show just how highly regarded room scents and soaps have become: Their luxurious porcelain pots are real works of art.