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Jewellery generally has great sentimental value. When it is not being worn, it is nice to know that it is still being well looked after. Our jewellery boxes offer a suitable home for rings and necklaces, but also cufflinks and watches. Leather boxes, such as Riviere’s "Fiori", offer your valuables a particularly well-protected place in its padded interior. You can keep a close eye on your jewellery when the lid of the jewellery case is transparent - yet, at the same time, it remains dust-free.

Jewellery trees offer an alternative to jewellery boxes: On Michael Aram’s "Black Orchid" ring catch, you can hang necklaces, earrings and small bangles, so that they are easy to find when you need them. What is more, such jewellery trees become almost sculptural when there is a lot of jewellery on them.

There are even jewellery boxes for men, too. The "Fruits" watch winder from Elie Bleu looks after your watches in a luxurious box of lacquered sycamore. Regardless whether precious woods, nappa leather and silverplated precious metal: the high-quality material makes the jewellery boxes the perfect match for the jewellery that they are looking after.