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Kelly Behun
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Daringly different – Buy Kelly Behun by L'Objet online

L'Objet is always on the lookout for brilliant designers who dare to break the rules. Because only those who think outside the box can push boundaries. Together with daring minds from all disciplines, L'Objet takes on new challenges to grow and expand.

L'Objet and AD100 interior designer Kelly Behun have created a collection that defies established labels. Guided by the trained eye and unwavering intuition of the US designer, her decorative and entertaining objects blur the lines between styles. Discover home accessories between Art Deco and Minimalism, art and design, centrepiece and sculpture.

Deeply connected – Kelly Behun and L'Objet

The design brand L'Objet is the brainchild of Elad Yifrach. The former interior designer founded the studio in 2004. The cosmopolitan's designs build bridges to bring cultures together. His objects tell stories that touch people all over the world.

On his travels, Yifrach has established a network of friends who are masterful artisans. Their combined efforts create timeless design objects of unsurpassed quality. They use the best materials and a blend of traditional and modern manufacturing techniques to keep evolving their craftsmanship.

The New York Times described Kelly Behun as an "interior designer with the eye of a gallerist". She learned her vocation under architect Anda Andrei at the design studio of Ian Schrager's famous boutique hotels.

Working with design legends such as Andrée Putman and Philippe Starck, Behun developed her eye for detail, quality and sophistication. For her, designing a collection with Yifrach and L'Objet was a dream come true.

Emotional living

Kelly Behun puts emotions at the forefront of her work. The visual style subordinates itself to the feeling that a space or object strives to convey. From this clear intellectual point of view, surreal spaces emerge like a dream world.

The L'Objet collection cleverly captures this transformative energy. The home objects look like sculptures in a landscape where art and design flow seamlessly together. An ingenious way to bring more art into your home.

Shape, texture, sculpture – Perfect wooden objects by Kelly Behun and L'Objet

Kelly Behun and L'Objet have created their collection to simplify entertaining. They put focus on vessels and centrepieces for the kitchen counter and the dining table: bowls, platters, lazy susans, trays and picture frames made of European oak and brass.

Behun took shapes from nature and reduced them down to their essentials to unfold their primal charm. The objects' rhythm of clear lines and soft curves has a harmonious and calming effect. Their strong silhouettes are easily recognisable – the hallmark of true style icons.

The Leaf footed platters, Leaf footed bowls and Leaf bowls are available in two variants: smoked European oak or in ebonised European oak with striking brass elements. The bowls and plates achieve a strong sculptural presence with simple means. Create ingenious compositions of organic shapes and colours on the noble surfaces with fruit or snacks.

The lazy susans are decorated with masterful inlays while the serving trays play with the contrast between black surfaces and shiny brass. Materials such as glass, leather, resin and shell form a refreshing juxtaposition of textures to the collection.

The Curtain Up and Side Eye picture frames add an element of surprise. Charming and humorous, they contrast the collections' smooth wooden surfaces.