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About the brand Michael Aram

Art can be found in the smallest everyday objects – that is something the American painter, sculptor and art historian Michael Aram is quite sure about. At least that is when the objects manufactured with the same care and attention to detail as the ones in his collection, which include picture frames, salt & pepper shakers, bowls, cutlery and more.

Michael Aram: a love match with one material

Even as a child, Michael Aram enjoyed making things for everyday use based on objects taken from nature. After inspiring years working as an artist in New York, Michael Aram travelled to India at the end of the 1980s. There, he found his true passion: metalwork. The artist discovered that this hard material enabled him to express his ideas in a way that he had never been able to before. In India, metalworking has a long history and a rich tradition. That is the reason why Michael Aram decided to set up his studio and a workshop in New Delhi – where it has remained to this day and where the metal is worked using craft techniques which go back hundred of years ago. Together with leading craftsmen from India, Michael Aram has developed exceptional objects for the home. Each one is made by hand, each one is unique.

Michael Aram: The true character of metal

The artist’s aim is that every piece in his Michael Aram collection is not only a high-quality product but also displays a quite individual character. In Michael Aram’s view, an object should not only have a practical use, but also elicit an emotional response. That can be at the breakfast table when you open the apple-shaped “Apple” honey jar using its stem. Regardless whether apple stalk or orchid blossom, his pieces are conceived in such a natural and beautifully detailed way that it is almost as though you are holding the original object in your hands. But then you feel the cool metal, which is crafted in such a fine and filigree fashion.

Michael Aram: Art is concealed in everyday life

This is the core message of the Michael Aram collection, namely that it celebrates the small things in life and assigns them an important place. Every napkin holder or glass coaster is designed and realised with the same care and attention to detail as a large centrepiece bowl for the table or a magnificent vase for the entrance.

People from all over the world appreciate the artistic approach of Michael Aram, and in the meantime his work is being sold in selected stores around the world, as well as in galleries. The American has managed to close the gap between art and craft in the most beautiful way.