"Horses" bookends by Lladró

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  • Porcelain, mahogany wood, handcrafted
Lladró’s “Horses” bookends make the perfect present for all horse-lovers: Two breathtaking equestrian sculptures made of finest porcelain decorate these mahogany bookends from Lladró.
The accurately portrayed purebred Andalusians, created by Juan Ignacio Aliena, perform two dressage exercises from the Spanish Riding School: the “Pirouette” and the “Courbette”. They are regarded to be two of the most challenging exercises in dressage.

In the “Pirouette” the horse has to execute a small 360 degree circle with his hind legs, while the forelegs draw a larger circle. The canter pirouette is particularly spectacular because the movement is executed in about six strides. The “Courbette” comprises a number of different jumps. This is a movement where the horse balances on its hind legs and “hops” forward, keeping its forelegs off the ground.

The craftsmen from Lladró have managed to transfer the beauty and elegance of the horse to this cool pure material. The timeless and fascinating pieces are inimitable and unique. Each equestrian figurine from Lladró is cast, modelled and painted by hand.
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Homes and Gardens
July/August 2015

"Die besten Utensilien für Ihren Arbeitsplatz! Elegante Buchstützen Pirouette und Courbette von Lladro."

Wohnen & Garten
September 2014

"Hohe Kunst! Detailgetreu führen die handgefertigten Porzellan-Andalusier auf den Mahagoni-Buchstützen von Lladrò die anspruchsvollsten Lektionen der spanischen Hofreitschule vor: Pirouette und Courbette."