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First impressions count - your office gives quick insights into who you are to visitors, colleagues and business partners. Show them your position and personality and demonstrate your sense of aesthetics, quality and order with our sophisticated office accessories.

Thoughtful decoration for your office also has a positive effect on yourself. Shape your environment with sophisticated objects to enhance your well-being and productivity.

Declutter your desk – smart and elegant storage and filing

Hone your organisational skills with exclusive desk accessories from our renowned manufacturers. Matching sets of desk pads, pen cups, trays and holders, file holders and note boxes help you stay organised and create a seamless and elegant landscape on your desktop. Add a matching first-class wastepaper basket as a charming detail.

Less is more - professional and personal

Successful interior design for your office should suit your profession, express competence and feature a distinct personal touch. No easy task! The old adage "less is more" helps to find a good balance between professionalism and individuality.

A proven design philosophy for a timelessly elegant office: follow a neutral colour palette and lighten it up with colour accents. In this way, effective room concepts are quickly realised with just a few carefully curated decorative objects.

Why not set accents where you do not immediately expect them? Subtle and efficient, artful bookends are perfect for creating vibrant highlights on your shelf. If your books are already colourful eye-catchers, go for more subdued designs and avoid clashing patterns.

Luxurious office accessories in leather, porcelain, glass and horn

A smart colour scheme leaves room to play with precious materials and textures. High-quality leather accessories bring warm, earthy tones and organic surface textures into your office space. Office accessories made of porcelain are classic and easy-care decorative elements. Accents made of glass, silver, gold or horn retain a timeless value.

Whether for you or as a gift, minimalist or playful, for the conference room or the home office - take your time when choosing. Our handcrafted office accessories made of precious materials will accompany you for many years.