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Porcelain as opposed to glass usually has the leading role on a dining table. Glass is an impressive alternative to porcelain. The "Mod" crystal glass plate from Artel for example combines a black-and-white colour contrast with a geometric Sixties pattern. Unlike porcelain, glass always has an additional feature that adds to the overall effect: Light passes through it. Thus, glass plates not only often appear to glow from the inside, they also project fascinating and wonderful colours and patterns onto the table.

The "Thistle Gold" dessert plates from Saint-Louis show an additional design advantage of the glass plates: they are transparent, which makes them appear particularly light and filigree. Yet, choosing between porcelain and glass plates is not about vying one against the other, on the contrary: in combination, both materials are particularly attractive. Matt porcelain, for example, goes well with the matt-shiny appearance of glass. Plain white porcelain complements brightly coloured glass. Whether as individual plates or in combination, glass plates have great potential.